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And that is for unlimited users! You only pay €39,95 per full featured project. No more upgrading if you want to invite someone to the team.

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For only €9,95 you get an extra 250 Gb of storage. No credit card required.

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We believe in doing the right thing. That's why we didn't created an artificial competitor advantage against our Springcast competitors. If you want to use Springcast Studio with a different podcast hosting platform, that's OK. So, now... and in the future... you will always be in control of what tools you use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can add unlimited users to your projects, and you don't even need to pay extra for it. So, go on and invite your buddies... or colleagues ;)
You can just add another 250GB storage to the project for only €9,95 p/month. And you can add even more if need it.
No. You can actually use it for any audio project. Be creative and don't forget to tell you how you use it ;)
Right now we support the following payment methods: SEPA debit (incasso), Credit Card, By invoice. If you are missing a payment method, just sent us an email at
Most people can use the standard payment methods, but if you don't have access to the company credit card or your company doesn't support SEPA, you can request an invoice. Our team will guide you through the process.